Wheels and Tires


You work hard washing your car and making it look good, complete your car's salon session by properly cleaning and dressing your wheels, tires, and rubber trim. Often times brake dust can build-up on wheels giving them a dirty appearance. Some people would argue cleaning your wheels is the most time consuming part of washing your car. It doesn't have to be like that! Using a wheel cleaner such as Brake Dust Pro will remove unwanted brake dust and make your wheels shine. For those hard to reach places use a soft bristle wheel brush.  

Once you've cleaned your wheels you can use a foam applicator and apply Tire Love to your tires to shine, protect, and restore. By applying a quality tire dressing like Tire Love your tires will be moisturized and protected from UV light rays and debris. Tire Love is also great to shine, protect, and restore exterior rubber and plastic trim. Simply clean the surface and then apply Tire Love to the trim using a foam applicator. Stand back and enjoy that rich wet look on your tires and trim.

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