Interior Cleaning and Protection


There is no part of your car, truck, or SUV that you see more than the interior. The inside of your vehicle has many different surfaces, each of which require a different product to clean. Some of the surfaces found in your interior include leather seats, cloth seats, carpeted floors, plastic or vinyl door panels and dashboard, rubber door trim, and of course glass windows.

Patterson Car Care has everything to keep your vehicle’s interior clean and protect it from harmful UV rays, dirt, and other debris. Cross Dressing, our multipurpose dressing cleans, protects, and shines vinyl and plastic door panels, trim, rubber door trim, and dashboards. Grease Lightning cleans multiple interior surfaces including cloth seats, carpet, door panels, and dashboards. Just spray and wipe dirt away. Glass Perfect will leave your windows and mirrors clean and streak.

Don’t forget your accessories. Our foam applicator is great for applying Cross Dressing to interior surfaces while our microfiber towels are ideal for glass cleaning, and removing dirt and spots on carpet, seats, and interior panels.

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